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The classes are run by Dave & Gaby with the assistance of Chris and Ella. 

 Dave & Gaby are both experienced black belt martial artists with over 20 years experience of regular training between them. Chris & Ella are also both regularly training martial artists whose personalities and skills really benefit the class.




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Dave is an IT consultant and trainer, using humour to convey complex and sometimes dry subjects in class. The "eagle" eyed of those among you may notice that Dave doesn't have a full set of fingers on his left hand.

To us, this is proof you don't have to be fit, strong or have everything where it "should" be in order to effectively protect yourself.



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Gaby is a first responder paramedic and experienced leisure center worker with an extensive knowledge of how the body works and the correct ways to stretch, warm up and cool down. Gaby may not be the biggest or strongest but she is able to protect herself against much stronger and bigger men, This gives the class an invaluable perspective from a female on the subjects and techniques we cover.




Ella has over 6 years experience of multiple styles, the majority being Kung Fu, having trained with Peter Andre's current Kung Fu teacher. Ella takes a fluid and relaxed approach to self defence. "I have always been fond of making sure I can defend myself coming from a background where I was constantly bullied, I hate seeing people unable to defend themselves".



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Chris has been studying martial arts for over 3 years and has a background in Karate and Win Chung. He likes to keep active through mountain biking, going to the gym and entering into crazy endurance challenges like Tough Mudder. "I train in martial arts and find it rewarding working with Reading Women's self defence as I feel I have a duty not only to protect myself but my friends, family and society."

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