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Our classes are held in a fun, friendly and informal manner, with an emphasis on learning practical, physical self defence techniques.


We couple this with practices designed to change behaviors, so that everyday activities such as getting in and out of a car, are as safe as they can be. 

We aim to help you change your day to day behaviors so that you'll hopefully never need to use the physical techniques you'll learn.

We all passionately believe that everyone should know how to protect themselves and through this class we hope that we can make a difference to your everyday lives.


Our friendly and fun approach during training helps when dealing with more serious topics covered in our classes.



Each class is 1.5 hours long and will have an instructor guided warm up, stretch and cool down.


As well as this every week we will look at something we call "safe falling and recovery" which gradually teaches students how to fall in a safe manner from a slip or being pushed, for example, and then to subsequently recover / get back up quickly and safely, should the situation require it.

We always advise students to wear something comfortable, loose fitting and that you don't mind getting a bit grubby and maybe tugged about a bit.


Our eight week course costs £45 if paid in advance or if you choose to pay upfront on the night it is £55.

We operate an eight week rolling syllabus and each week we will look at various physical techniques to deal with different types of attacks and situations.​

We look at things such as:

  • Escaping grabs from the front & behind

  • Basic striking & kicking

  • Distancing and timing

  • Dealing with and disarming weapons such as knifes

  • Strikes to vulnerable points

  • Escaping from the floor / being pinned

  • Using the environment to your advantage

  • Turning every day items into weapons

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